Canon PowerShot A3300IS Pink Digital Camera

Canon Powershot A3300IS Pink Digital Camera Donít let any important moment to pass by for the Canon PowerShot A3300IS 16 MP digital camera is now here to serve you. Especially designed to bring out promising features, this device will be your best buddy in keeping your memories.

The Canon PoweShot A3300IS is built to allow you to take part of the most dramatic and personal scenes that you want to capture. As such, it has been made to have a 16 megapixel resolution for you to boldly print out large photos without worrying its image resolution. Through this feature, you are assured to have a nice big display without any pixilation. A 5x optical zoom lens is also incorporated in this device to make you even closer with your subjects.

See things clearly in its 3.0 largescreen display. This LCD screen has the capability to display clear, still and rich in color pictures for you to love. It also provides you access in browsing its menu and functions. A Night Display has been provided for the users to have comfortable viewing in low light. Keep yourself worry free as you take your wonderful shots with the use of its Smart AUTO feature. This application permits you to fully concentrate on your subjects as you take the shots without worrying its technical details. Through its Advanced Canon technology, this camera can readily analyze the situation of the shooting condition that you are taking into. Afterwards, it will automatically select from the 32 predefined settings of the camera. With this, you are now assured of brilliant photos within your midst.

The Canon PowerShot A3300 is further enhanced through its various features and settings available. It goes with a P Program that provides with great exposure compensation. A Live View Control helps out to maintain brightness, tone adjustments and even color to all your images. Its portrait gives out great attention to its subject by blurring out its background. Much more, have a stunning landscape by making it sharp and still from front to back. It goes with high ISO that facilitates good shooting in low lighted situations. More so, if you are in a situation wherein you are not allowed to create a noise or disrupt in with a light, then the discreet mode will enable you to do so. This will work by simply disabling the cameraís sound, flash as well as its AF assist beam without changes in its settings.

Aside from the wonderful photos that this digital camera can deliver, it also goes with great video applications. It is equipped of capturing your memories in motion through its 720p HD video wherein it showcases great level of clarity and stillness for you to be pleased. Be powered by its lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. This is a compact battery is slim and lightweight for you to carry on a handy camera. More so, it goes with easy and quick charging mode.

Made with promising features, the Canon PowerShot A3300 is in its way of bring out great joy and satisfaction in its users. It goes with great portability. It has a powerful zoom that allows you to get closer to your subjects. Its 16 megapixels allows you to enlarge and crop your photos without any worries of image distortion. It can readily take amazing pictures with little effort required. However, at times, its pictures resulted into odd lighting. In terms of shooting in low light, its pictures came out dark and grainy. Lastly, its buttons feels flimsy and loose.

To sum it all, the Canon PowerShot A3300 digital camera has its own pros and cons to consider despite of its reasonable and affordable price.

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS 16.0 MP with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom (Pink)

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