Canon PowerShot SD1300IS Pink Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SD1300IS Pink Digital CameraSaving your memories would be absolutely perfect with the PowerShot SD1300 IS Digital ELPH camera. With its features, surely your memories would be in its greatest.

The PowerShot SD1300IS is made with a 28mm wide-angle lens as well as a 4x optical zoom that makes a great close-up and fascinating clear shots for your images to last. Its zoom would provide you razor-sharp shots that would bring out stunning colors of pictures. More so, it is equip with an Optical Zoom Stabilizer that brings out great clearness by removing fuzziness and blurriness in every shot. This feature works great even in zoom out pictures as it produces crisp and steady images for you to be proud off as you use it with or without a flash.

The Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS performs simply amazing with its Smart AUTO feature. This feature lets you have a worry-free shooting experience for it automatically adjust the appropriate settings you need for every shot you take. With this, all you have to do is have your focus solely on your subject and let the camera bring out the best in every shot. It has 18 various settings wherein your camera can freely fit in the appropriate defined setting depending on the scenario and condition of your shots. As such, you are now set to produce highly dramatic and memorable images as your keepsakes. Aside from its predefined settings, it has also its 15 shooting modes that would address your every need in varied conditions.

The PowerShot SD1300 IS will never be complete without its brilliant 2.7 inch PureColor System screen. This large and bright screen makes everything perfect to see as you frame all your shots. It has a stunning resolution and contrast that would make you appreciate pure color of the images even being seen it in an angle. Its anti-reflective coating makes it very convenient for you to browse on your taken shots even in direct sunlight. Worry no more at night for it has also its Night View that adjusts your screen setting perfectly for you to see things clearly even in low light. Much more, its screen comes in a highly durable condition for it has a scratch-resistant feature that protects it from any scratches.

Be confident and donít let any chance to miss wonderful moments at night or low light situations for this camera is packed with ISO of 400-6400 for your own convenience. With this feature, you are now set to take the most challenging lighting scenes with great color and clarity without being bothered with noise. It has the accuracy of producing great quality of images even without adding light unto the scene.

With the Canonís innovative designs, the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS digital camera is just right for you. It is a well built camera with durability that can serve you well. I can perfectly fit unto your pocket or purse making it very convenient to bring everywhere. It comes with a load of features that you donít want to miss and most importantly, it takes awesome pictures for you to keep.

However, its short battery life makes it a little bit off to be a great partner in capturing long memorable events. As such, a spare battery is essential for you to have. It has no optical viewfinder. More so, it has only digital zoom and no optical zoom that you can use while you are doing recordings. Lastly, this camera is a bit slow in response for an effective capture of shots of children and pets.

Overall, with its minor flaws, the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS is a great digital camera to have in a price worth paying for the features it has.

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