Canon PowerShot SD1400IS Pink Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SD1400IS Pink Digital CameraMake way for innovation to be experienced by you as the Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS Pink Digital ELPH camera is now readily available with the best features youíll surely love.

The PowerShot SD1400 IS is especially designed with a 14.1 megapixel resolution that fits perfectly to its 2.7 inch PureColor System Widescreen. With this, you would expect things to be seen in its finest details as it goes with great clarity. Appreciate more of your shots as you go with large prints for it will never compromise your imagesí resolution. Its 2.7 inch LCD screen paves you the way to be in control of your shots as you frame it. It is packed with richness of color as well as resolution and contrast that can be appreciated even as you view your pictures in an angle. Worry no more for damages for it is built with great durability and scratch-free protective coating. View your shots even at the sunís heat for it has an anti-reflective feature that lets you see things clearly under the sun. At night, have the luxury of reminiscing your memories for it has a night view mode that sets its screen conveniently to see things even in low light.

Be fascinated of how its 28mm wide-angle lens and 4x optical zoom works to capture the best moments of your memories. With these features, you have now the capability of taking great shots of objects from afar with great finesse of color. More so, it has the power to bring you emotive close-ups as it goes near the faces of your subjects. Together with the Canonís optical image stabilizer, you are now assured to have pictures that are blur or fuzz free for it is capable of correcting any causes of camera shakes. This feature also works great through zoomed in shot wherein it can preserve a crisp and steady shot. Most importantly, it can work effectively with or without the use of the flash.

Take all the pictures you want without worrying your cameraís settings for it has its Smart AUTO feature that will do the work for you. Out of the 22 settings that this digital camera has, the PowerShot SD1400 IS will automatically selects the best setting fitted on the scenario that you are taking pictures with through its Smart AUTO mode. These outstanding 22 shooting modes will serve you best as it never fail to give you the best shot out of the various shooting conditions youíll have.

Donít be hesitant to take pictures in dim lighted conditions for it has a feature of ISO of 400-6400 in its Low Light Mode. With this, even with the presence of an insufficient light, you are confident that you pictures will turn out with great clarity with less noise involved. Lastly, donít limit yourself with images alone for it is also packed with a 720p HD movie shooting capability that will let you record you memories in high definition. With its available HDMI output, you can freely watch your recordings on a big screen.

Full of surprises, the Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS digital camera is a complete package that intends to bring out great and big results. It is able to produce clear pictures that youíll surely love. It is made with high durability in a compact and lightweight design. It features are very useful in various shooting conditions that would give you the best shots of your memories. However, without a viewfinder, you cannot save up its battery especially when itís draining. The absence of its optical zoom while doing recordings is such a big loss for those who love to record. Lastly, difficulty on connecting the USB cable will be at times experienced for its door of the digital port cannot swing out widely.

Out of the certain flaws this digital camera has, surely, you wonít regret buying it for the wonderful things youíll surely love about.

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