Canon PowerShot SD3500IS Pink Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SD3500IS Pink Digital CameraDonít waste your precious memories and let it be saved with the use of the Canon PowerShot SD3500IS 14.1 MP digital camera. Made with fascinating features, this digital camera will stand out for everyone to use.

The Canon PowerShot SD3500IS is created with a 3.5 inch LCD screen that allows you to see clearly all the details of your pictures. It touch panel technology allows you to experience great ease in browsing its menu and function. This paves you the way to experience a user-friendly interface for you to love. To add up, it also provides its users a new way for viewing its pictures. Through its active display technology, you can have your playback through tapping or touching the screen.

Being equipped with 14.1 megapixels, this digital camera has the capability to provide you with great resolution to your images. With this, you are capable of putting your images into large prints or do cropping without compromising its image quality. Moreover, its 5x optical zoom lens makes it very convenient for you to take shots even you are from afar and having a 24mm ultra wide angle, it gives you more visual view in your shots than any conventional digital camera.

Stabilize your shots and let not any blur ruin it for the Canon PowerShot SD3500IS has its very own Optical Image Stabilizer that makes your images blur-free and steady even being taken with high zoom levels. Aside from the great quality of photos that this camera is able to produce, it can bring forth beautiful recordings in its well defined format. Through its movie mode, you can now do recordings of 720p HD movies and watch it directly to your TVs with the use of its mini-HDMI connector.

Have carefree shootings for you to achieve maximum enjoyment as you use its Smart AUTO feature. This application allows you to stay your focus on your subjects without any worries of its technical details involved. As such, its advanced canon technology will automatically analyze and apply the appropriate settings fitted for the scene that you have selected to take shots with. Make use of its 19 different shooting modes that will be readily applicable to every shooting condition you have. More so, it has provided its users with new scene modes for you to add up additional creative effects in your photos.

Take the challenge of taking shots even in the most challenging situations with the use of its High ISO technology. Even when you have an insufficient light available in your scene, you are assured that your shots are clear and bright enough for you to see all the details in it. There is no need for you to use additional lighting and it goes with less noise shooting. Lastly, with its smart shutter technology, let your face, wink and even smile be the signal in taking a shot.

The Canon PowerShot SD3500IS is a digital camera that has been built with a bunch of features for you to love about. Having different colors, it allows its users to choose the most fitted color design for them to match up their personality. Its light pink color brings out a feminine touch for its users to like about. Also, it fits perfectly to every occasion you will go; may it be formal or not. It goes with an intuitive interface for you to use. Its sleek design makes it very convenient to bring it everywhere. However, it has no capability of providing good night shots. Its touch menuís response is a bit slow. Moreover, its optical zoom is not functional as you do recordings.

Out of its set of pros and cons, the Canon PowerShot SD3500IS digital camera, it is best for its potential buyers to outweigh it depending on their personal preferences out of the affordable price it entails.

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