Sony Cybershot DSC TX9 Pink Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot DSC TX9 Pink Digital Camera Keep your memories alive for you to reminisce for a lifetime with the use of Sony TX series DSC-TX9/R 12.2MP Digital Still Camera. Created with a great combination of elegance and must have features, this digital camera will address all your needs in capturing your wonderful memories.

The Sony DSC TX9 is made to have a 12.2 megapixel resolution that allows you to go on large prints of your photos. You could also crop them without worrying of disrupting its image quality. It has an Exmore R CMOS image sensor that promotes speedy operation with high level of sensitivity against low light for you to have clear and bright images for all time. A 3.5 inch LCD touch display is being provided for its users to have an easy viewing option. It goes with intuitive operation wherein in just few touches, you are set to browse and locate its features. Much more, it is equipped with an Ultra AR film coating that protects its screen from any reflection caused by sunlight and helps on maintaining great contrast and brightness throughout your viewing experience.

Donít limit yourself to the possibilities of getting close and personal to your subjects for this digital camera is equipped with 4x optical zoom lens for your own convenience. Coupled with this feature is its 25mm wide-angle lens that brings you greater coverage of your picturesí view that is very ideal to use as you take group pictures. Keep track to your fast-moving subjects without any struggle as you use its tracking focus. This promotes good quality of exposure and focus even if your subjects move closer or away from you. Use its High Sensitivity mode as you try to take a shot in dim lighted situations. With this, you are assured of working on a faster shutter speed that will automatically adjust its sensitivity to blend to the present condition.

Let your camera do the thinking for you as you use its Intelligent Auto Mode in capturing your unforgettable moments. Without any hassle of manually adjusting its settings, the camera will automatically start its operation by analyzing the present scene that you have and apply the appropriate settings fitted for the scenario. The camera will work by applying all the necessary features needed in order to produce good quality of images for you to love. Also, keeping your shots clear and steady will be so easy to do with the use of its optical steadyshot image stabilization feature. This application will reduce blurriness by shifting the cameraís lens to protect the image quality of your shots.

Let your creative minds flow into your work as you use its different scene modes to the pictures that you capture. Also, take hold of your memories not just in photos but as well as with videos as you simply do recordings with its 1080i AVCHD movie mode. Lastly, transfer and organize your photos to your computer through the Sony Picture Motion Browser Software.

The Sony DSC-TX9 digital camera is full of great and interesting features that its users will never take it for granted. It is equipped with applications that can deliver sharp and clear images. Its LCD screen has the capacity to provide you with stunning display for you to see. It can deliver bright pictures even the shots are taken in low lighted situations. Moreover, it goes with a slim and chic design for its users to love. It comes with different shades of color and dark pink color is very ideal for those who are lovers of pink. However, its battery life is not long enough to sustain you in a long day shooting; might as well have an extra battery with you.

Overall, out of the promising features that the Sony DSC TX9 digital camera has, it is a great piece of art to have out of the price it entails.

Sony TX Series DSC-TX9/R 12.2MP Digital Still Camera with "Exmor R" CMOS Sensor and 3D Sweep Panorama

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